November Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Blocks

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November has come and gone in a whirlwind. Except for my hand sewing projects, I’m a one quilt at a time type of person. I don’t enjoy moving one project away from my machine to cut another or having specific fabric out for more than one quilt at a time. My sewing space is small and clutter accumulates too quickly to sustain several in-progress projects at a time. Unfortunately, I found myself working on Farmer’s Wife blocks, a gift quilt, a pillow cover, a design and gathering fabric for a quilt for my husband and one for my daughter, and my hand sewing. Normal for some but not for me. I’m slowly checking projects off my list, and I think I’ve corralled my Farmer’s Wife blocks into their own rest area when I’m not sewing one.

Kerry and Angie‘s QALs both asked for 10 blocks this month. Some were duplicates from earlier months for me, so I only had to sew 13. That is probably the only reason I was able to keep up this month. Here they are – not perfect, but acceptable.

Kerry’s QAL

Farmer's Wife 1930s Blocks 20-24 15-19

Farmer's Wife 1930s Blocks 20-24 Angie’s QAL

November Farmer's Wife Blocks

November Farmer's Wife Blocks

Hope you had a wonderful November (and US Thanksgiving) – on to December.

Sew on and sew forth!



Farmer’s WIfe 1930’s

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I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I’ve decided to join both of the QALs going on for The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Samlpler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.

On September 14th Kerry’s QAL began. Kerry is doing the blocks in book order. These first few blocks have kicked my butt a bit. I will be remaking at least 2 of these.

September 28th Angie’s QAL began. She is going through the blocks in difficulty order. I would have had no difficulty with the first 2 blocks….. if I had thought about the fact that the paper piecing (foundation piecing) patterns are not mirrored when printed from the book’s CD.  The blocks I have made before this have been symmetrical, making this a non-issue. In reality, it’s still a non-issue if you don’t care that the blocks will be a reverse of the book.

I don’t know if I can keep up with making 4 blocks a week, but I’m going to try. I’ve decided to post all of the blocks I make for both QALs at the end of the month instead of every week, since the QALs post their blocks at different times during the week.

Some lessons learned this month:

  • if you want your blocks to look like the book, mirror the paper piecing patterns
  • if you will be setting the blocks on point (as on the book cover not as shown inside the book) rotate your fabric or coloring layout to consider directional prints/fussy cutting
  • contrast is important with these little pieces
  • these pieces are small – go slowly, add your seam allowances, sew carefully
  • it’s only fabric and can only be unsewn so many times before you (meaning me) might as well start over
  • be kind to yourself – striving for excellence is not the same as perfectionism

All that said, here are my blocks for the month and my thoughts about them.

This first one was over-zealousness on my part and an experiment before either QAL began. I will most likely remake this to improve my y-seams and the contrast. (Y-seams in paper piecing?! I thought that the lack of these was part of the beauty of paper piecing. Always learning – the hard way.)
#82 Parlemia

There have been 6 blocks for September in Kerry’s QAL.

#1 Addie  #2 Aimee  #3 Alice

#4 Ann  #5 Anne  #6 April

I don’t think Aimee and Alice have enough contrast. Alice and Ann were very challenging for me and are worth a second try. I love Addie and Anne. I like April, but I changed the color distribution and may make it again with the book’s color placement.

Two blocks were released so far this week for Angie’s QAL. There will be 3 total for this week, but the third hasn’t been released yet.

#12 Becky red              #12 Becky print

This is an example of the mirroring issue of the paper piecing pattern. My second attempt really needed a solid instead of the red and white print.

#16 Bonnie This one is meh, but they can’t all be stars.

I bought a cute little 7×7 box to keep all of my blocks in. It will be fun to watch it fill up as the year goes on!

Farmer's Wife Box       September box shot

So on and sew forth!








A New Button and a New Commitment

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Angie at Gnome Angel has been teasing for a bit now that she had some secret projects she had been working on. The big reveal happened on August 3rd. She is hosting a quilt along and currated a fat quarter bundle with the Fat Quarter Shop. It was all so exciting I threw caution to the wind and decided to join the QAL. Heck, I’ve had that Farmer’s Wife book for ages and just can’t get off my butt to sew anything from it. I joined the email list, left Angie a gushing, thank you-for-making-me-finally-sew-something-from-this-book-I’ve-had-forever email………………………………. to which she very nicely asked me if I realized it was a new book that probably hadn’t been languishing on my shelf for a few years now.


I have the 1920’s book. This is the 1930’s book. Hmmmm. Drat. Time for a list.

1920’s book:

  • I already own this book – pro
  • 8″ blocks with a CD of templates for the blocks that must be sorted through and collected as each block is made. – con
  • Bigger blocks will probably be easier – pro
  • I haven’t done anything with this book in the two years I’ve owned it and probably won’t if I don’t have some kind of QAL to keep me motivated – con


1930’s book:

  • I will need to buy this book – con
  • 6″ blocks with a CD of foundation paper piecing templates (which I love!) -pro
  • I like small pieces and want to work on my accuracy – pro
  • There is a QAL so maybe I will actually make the block -pro

Guess which list won? Yup. I ordered the book. Love the blocks. Can’t wait for the QAL to begin.


You can read all about signing up and the Facebook group here. The main detalis are

  • starts September 28th
  • Angie will post a tutorial for a new block every Tuesday and Thursday
  • A variety of construction methods will be discussed/used (so if you don’t like to foundation paper piece, you don’t hafta!).
  • Guest bloggers will be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays ( I don’t know if this will be alternative construction techniques or additional blocks – should have asked that.)
  • Fat Quarter Shop will be hosting round ups and such
  • There will be a Sunday link up

…………and probably other stuff that I’m forgetting to mention. Angie is SUPER organized, so go check out her page. I’m sure she has an answer for you.

Tempted? Come to the 1930’s repo side Luke. (Of course you can use whatever fabric you want- just cut it with a light saber to stay in character.)