A Finish

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My New Hexagon Millefiore flimsy is done. I pieced the last rosettes at the beginning of the month and added the last border strip yesterday morning. This was one of three hand sewing projects I had going and the first one I have completed. I will quilt her in the new year.

I’m rather at a loss with this finish. It feels so good to have stuck with this QAL and hold a completed top, but, at the same time, there is a void created by taking the piecing off my to do list. I guess, after almost  a year of work, this is to be expected.

So, without further ado, my finished top,

Flimsy Finish


  • Pattern by Katja Marek, The New Hexagon Millefiore
  • Began January 1, 2015 – each rosette pieced monthly as part of the quilt along
  • Flimsy completed December 19, 2015
  • Quilted ……….in the future

Have a wonderful holiday! Let’s sew forth into 2016!

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3rd Time’s a Charm

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My November New Hexagon Millefiore rosettes are completed. I’m not quite sure where my head was at this month, but I had some problems on several projects caused by not paying attention.

I made myself a color plan for this QAL back around February, and twice now I’ve consulted it and then gone ahead and cut the wrong color fabrics. The first time I did this I just flipped a few colors around and all was good. This month when I cut and basted  all of rosette 11b out of yellow instead of the planned for blue, it made a difference. My yellow rosettes would have been touching eachother – in a bad way. After wallowing in self pity a bit, I recut in blue and sewed up the rosette. I love sewing the individual rosettes to the whole, so I jauntily added both 11s and felt very satisfied. I even proudly added my work to the Facebook group’s albums.

As I basked in the warm fuzzies that this Facebook group provides, I looked at my posted photo and discovered this.

NH Rosette 11b wrong

Yup. I rotated that hexagon when I sewed this rosette together, AND I sewed the rosette into the quilt like this.

Rosettes 1-11b wrong

See it there up at the top in the red circle? I realize that this one hexagon will eventrually get lost in the crowd, but I know it’s there and it bugs me to no end. So out it came! Luckily, I was able to remove the stitches without damage to any surrounding work or the offending hexagon. Since this was now an interior hexagon, I had taken all of the papers out. This made re-sewing the hexagon a little harder, but not impossible. After moving from self-loathing back to pride of craftsmanship, I happily took a new photo of the corrected rosette.

NH Rosette 11b wrong 2

Really?! I couldn’t have noticed that I attached the light blue to the wrong side of the center triangle when I had the hexagon cut out of the quilt?! Errrrrrrrrr. Out came the seam ripper again. Out came the triangle.

Finished and correct. (I’ve added squaring pieces to the all of the rosettes, so they don’t quite look like the pattern once they are attached to the quilt.)

NH 11b corrected

I can’t wait for December’s rosettes. I’m attaching a thin border to the two complete sides as I wait. I”m not sure if I’ll do 1 or 2 borders. Still thinking.

Sew carefully my friends.


October Rosettes

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Sorry I’ve been so quite here lately. Time seems to be slipping away from me. I’ve also realized that I’m not working on many new projects lately, just keeping up with QALs – makes for boring blogging, especially when I’ve posted my progress on Instagram, a Facebook group, and or a Flickr group. It all gets rather repetitive. Somewhere there is a balnace; I just need to find it. Although I’m surely in danger of boring those of you who follow me on Instagram and or belong to Katja‘s Flickr or Facebook group for the New Hexagon Millefiore QAL, here are my rosettes for October. The last three months of the year will require that 2 smaller, partial rosettes be made. Here they are……….they look awkward on their own.

NH Rosette 10aRosette 10a        

New Hexagon Rosette 10b

Rosette 10b I’ve sewn each new rosette to the others and am happy with the color flow. I also finished each rosette to a straight edge and added an original partial hexagon to the lower right edge. I’m not sure how Katja plans to finish her quilt, but I’ve decided to create a straight edge while I have each rosette’s fabric pulled. Can you imagine the chaos of trying to find all of those fabrics again?! Bleh. I am also actively hunting for the fabric I will use for the border. Since this is proving to be a bit frustrating, I’m considering a knife-edge instead of a border. I’m also a bit perplexed by what I want to use for the back. The front is so intense that I think I want to keep it pretty calm, but what color? Hmmmm. This has been such a long process that I’m not in a hurry to make these decisions, but I also don’t want the top to linger and never be quilted.

Okay. I’m done. Here are rosettes 1 – 10 sewn together. (I have to stand on a kitchen barstool to get the whole thing. Shhh. Don’t tell my husband; he hates it when I climb up on things. Mostly because I tend to fall off of them) The New Hexagon Millefiore

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Rosette 8 and the Joining

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My summer travels have come to an end. It feels good to sleep in my own bed and laze around a bit. School starts next Wednesday already! My sewing is up and down in the summer – as is my blogging apparently. I’ve been keeping my head above water and getting my Bee Hive blocks done and keeping up with the New Hexagon Millefiore QAL, but I have several projects in the wings that I need to clear both physical and head space for.

I finished Rosette 8 the other day. It was nice to finally use the purple fabrics I have been collecting over the past few months. I’m not a huge purple fan, but I like how this one turned out.

Unfortunately, my black and white contrast photos show that I didn’t achieve as much contrast as I was trying for. Oh well, I think it works and has enough contrast for the eye to rest a bit.
I finished joining all eight rosettes together this morning. (I already had the five top ones together.)

I’ve added pieces to the blocks that will be on an edge to square up the rosettes. I also added a hexagon to the purple rosette to give me a straight edge.  I plan on sewing on a border after all of the rosettes are finished. I don’t enjoy appliqué enough to sew all of this down to border strips. I’d rather create the missing pieces.

I hope you have all enjoyed your summers and continue to do so if you have until after Labor Day (or are no longer harnessed to school-imposed time-frames.) I’m looking forward to my teenagers being fully engaged in school and sports again.

Sew on and sew forth!

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Whirlwind Summer

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Summer is flying by in a whirlwind of activity. Activity that doesn’t allow for much sewing that is. I did manage to squeeze in two small finishes this month that keep me up to date with my commitments.

I finished my Bee Hive block and mailed it off. This quilt is going to be awesome and I can’t wait to see our July Queen Bee put it all together. 30’s repro and HSTs – what’s not to love?

RipplesI also finished sewing everything together for Rosette 7 for The New Hexagon Millefiore QAL

NH Rosette 7

I would have finished a week ago, but I became a little obsessed with sewing the top rosettes together. After I sew this one in and rosette 2 (which attaches to the bottome of 7), I’ll put up a picture. I’m excited to start August’s rosette in a week. I finally am going to use the purple fabric that I’ve been gathering.

I also want to show you a bit of fabric I picked up in Japan, but more family activity is on my horizon so it will have to wait. We’ve been home and gone again more than ever before. My kids will soon be begging for school to start, just so they can be at home. An active teenager is a happy one!