Kindness Begets Kindness

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I’m a little late in showing off a wonderful surprise I received from the lovely Lara of Buzzin Bumble. Lara recently became a grandmother and I made and sent a bath apron for her daughter as a little surprise. (A bath apron is an ingenous thing I wish I had heard of when my kids were little – would have prevented a lot of soaked pants. – Here’s a link to the pattern I used. I don’t have permission to use the photo and didn’t think ahead and take any of what I made)

In return for my little surprise, I received this awesome mug rug and some bobbin minders that are fantastic!!!

IMG_4848         IMG_4846

Oh my goodness, I do love tiny patchwork!


Thank you Lara!!!!


One thought on “Kindness Begets Kindness

  1. Aww, you are welcome and thank you too Colleen! You are such a sweetie! We loved the bath apron and it was a big surprise! I was thinking they would come in handy for dog baths too, LOL. Feel free to use the photos that I sent of K&E with the apron.

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