Words for My Daughter – aka Midnight Mystery

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Late in 2015 Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs ran a mystery quilt along with the option of getting a peek at the finished pattern. I peeked, and I decided to jump in. Well, I jumped and only got my toes wet until February of 2016. Before I get to the quilt though, there is some back story.

Last May my pre-teen daughter turned the corner and became an “official” teen. Over the summer, she wanted to redecorate her room – out went the purple walls, stamped daisies, net butterflies, and flower flounces that had been there since she was a baby. In went the white furniture, turquoise walls, and hot pink accents. Of course these changes also meant that this quilt no longer fit into the decor.

old quilt

My duaghter thought Cheryl’s mystery quilt was perfect and my daughter went gleefully with me to shop for fabric. She chose (I know you will be surprised) turquoise, pink, and white. The QAL ended early in 2016 with a gorgeous quilt parade in March. I finished two days ago. This time-frame works for me, as her birthday is this month.

Here is my daughter’s finished quilt. She loves it – swooped it up and put it on her bed right away. The color is too intense in this photo, but I had to tweak it to get some light on it.

Midnight Mystery/Words for My Daughter

She had also requested matching pillow cases. I didn’t have enough fabric left over to make the required 3 pillow cases, so I sewed cast offs, miss-cut pieces, and scraps together and made a third one. (This photo is much closer to the actual color, but it looses the glittery sheen of the pink fabric. It is also heavily cropped to spare you the horror that a teen girl’s bedroom can be when she doesn’t know her mom is coming in her room to take pictures.)

quilt on bed

I also made her a pillow with one of my orphan paper-pieced blocks.

donut pillowThe sides say Sweet and Dreams. It orignally said sweet “DRAMS”. Luckily, my duaghter brings “e”s (get it – ease? ha ha, snort) to my life and pointed out the error before I had gotten very far with the stiple that was raising the lettered area.

I always want to see close ups of the quilting, so here are a few closer shots.

quilting 2


quilting 1

I purchased Christina Cameli’s Craftsy class Wild Quilting before I quilted the white negative space. Although I have quilted in this “wild” or grafiti style before, Christina’s class had some wonderful information that helped me tackle this area with confidence. (Just my opinion. My small voice isn’t sponsored or compensated by anyone.)

I changed the name of Cheryl’s pattern from Midnight Mystery to Words for My Daughter because I quilted in words that I want my daughter to keep with her as she grows. The words are stitched into the white fill design and impossible to read in a picture of the quilting. They are my simple wishes for her – love, dream, play, explore, courage, gratitude, and several others that aren’t coming to mind.

Sweet dreams my baby – happy birth month!

Sew forth!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh Colleen! It is a beautiful quilt to start with but… Your quilting! Your quilting is so incredible that I am in awe! And I can definitely see Christina’s lessons in how you did the white filled in areas. I love that you added words and wishes to the quilting too. That just makes it all the more precious for your daughter. No wonder she swooped it up! Love the Sweet Drams, ahem, Dream pillow too – the pink frosted donut is so cool! Congratulations to you my friend!

  2. It’s beautiful Colleen, and the quilting is wonderful. I love the thoughtful addition of the words for your daughter to keep with her. I also love the colour on the walls – gorgeous!

    I’m curious to know, what will become of the other quilt (which is very sweet with those flowers scattered over it)?

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