How Not to Make a Holiday Project

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Happy 4th of July evening. Blog posts and holiday projects are not timely around here – summer has taken over, and it is winning.

This blog post is a precautionary tale – how not to make holiday projects.

  1. Don’t begin a project that you would really like to have on display/in use for a holiday only a week or so before that holiday (especially if you are making it up as you go).
  2. Don’t work on the holiday project only here and there when you are tired or weary from working on other things that have (squirrel!) pulled you away.
  3. Make sure you check your math (don’t use graph paper to plan a hexagon project).

All that said, here is my holiday project for the 4th of July – that is not finished. I was close.

Flag 1

It was completed to this point yesterday and I thought I would be ready to turn it into the pillow cover it is destined to become and throw it on the couch to enjoy today……………. and then I laid it on top of the pillow cover it is replacing.
Flag 2

Bummer – I had reduced the hexagons to 3/4″ from 1″ to make 50 fussy cut stars fit the dimensions of my pillow. The stripe count is correct for a real flag also. I could just use my backing fabric to make a frame, but (although this picture doesn’t really show it) it looks too long for the width. Another row of white and red are in my future. For now it will most likely join the WIP pile until the end of summer. Maybe it will be done for Veteran’s Day.

If you would like to make your own, here’s my quasi-pattern:

Fabric: red, white, blue with stars. (1/4 yard of each is more than enough)

All hexagons are 3/4″ (measured on the edge)

  • The blue field is made of 70 hexagons – 50 fussy cut stars, 16 fussy cut solid blue, 4 half blue/half red
  • Red stripes
    • next to blue field – 4 rows of 12 hexagons + the 1/2 red
    • 22 hexagons
  • White stripes
    • next to blue field – 3 rows of 13 hexagons
    • 4 rows 23 hexagons
  • To make the blue and red hexagons,
    • put a full blue and red unbasted hexagon RST
    • mark a line from point to point and sew together on the line (I used my machine)
    • trim 1/4 inch away from seam and press the seam open
    • baste around hexagon paper as usual


  • I plan to cut the edges off the hexagon rows and sew my backing fabric to them, quilt the flag in a wavy pattern, and creat an envelope style pillow cover. (I’ll post pictures when it is finished. Don’t hold your breath.)

Maybe I should start my Christmas sewing – I might have a chance of finishing it.

Sew forth!

3 thoughts on “How Not to Make a Holiday Project

  1. This is fantastic, never mind a little short on length. I would make a smaller pillow insert.But then again, line it, and have it as a flag would be what I would do!!! Fab hexagons.

  2. The fussy cut hexy stars were well worth having the fit turn out differently. The flag is marvelous Colleen. I’m sure whatever solution you try will work great!
    LOL – I’m doing a Christmas project right now myself… something I’ve never been organized enough to do before.

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