Two Weeks?!

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Wow. I didn’t realize I hadn’t written a blog post over the last two weeks. I’ve been sewing, but not making much progress – maybe that’s why. High school baseball started last week and softball practice has begun with opening day next weekend. I love these two sports, but they are a big time commitment compared to hour long soccer and basketball games. We had glorious weather for both baseball games last week. Baseball – spring weather how much better can it get?

Here’s my freshman baseball player. See what I mean? Gorgeous spring weather. I hope all of you in snowy places warm up soon.


Enough mom stuff.

I’m about 8 rows away from done with my Clambake clamshell quilt. If I put this to the side, I seem to loose momentum and have a terrible time picking it back up again. The quilt has gotten heavy, and I’m tempted to free motion my clamshell appliqué. If I change the stitching at this point, I think I will dislike it even more than I do now. This quilt has been a challenge, and when I finally finish it, I’ll tell you all my ups and downs. As this WIP is currently in a heap on a side chair in my bedroom – no picture updates.

Rachel (Stitched in Color), who hosted this QAL, had some traumatic baby news. The thoughtful Jodi at Tales of Cloth is organizing a “flower” collection (quilt) to show Rachel our love, so I stitched up a hexi flower, appliquéd it on a low volume square and mailed it off.


I am keeping up with my Irish Chain Twist QAL. Melissa’s (Happy Quilting) pacing on this has been fantastic, and I’ve been able to complete each weekly step with no problem. We’ve completed two of the three different blocks so far.

final x-block

 X Block (supposed to be wonky – couldn’t do it)

Chain Block Twist on Tradition Patchwork (a happy cutting error created opportunity for me to add a little punch of orange to this block)

This week we should be starting the appliqué block. I’m curious how Melissa will have us do this step. I’m VERY slow at needle turn appliqué. Ten blocks with four petals may take me more than a week.

My March The Bee Hive bee block is at the post office and should be leaving for its new home today. My March queen bee chose the Wanta Fanta block using novelty prints and a low volume background. I enjoy paper piecing, but I think I wasn’t feelin’ it when I made this block. I had to make part of it twice when I realized that all four novelty prints shouldn’t go in one quadrant! Oops. New coaster for me.


Tried again, and then had some trouble lining things up. This isn’t a hard block to make. I probably should have put the project away until I was in a better creative mood, but I struggled on and finished. This photo turned out really blue for some reason, but it’s the only one I took and the block is at the Post Office. Sigh.


I’ve also been assembly-line sewing special wide open zippered pouches (tutorial by Noodlehead) in which to send my quilt block and some goodies to each month’s queen in my bee. I put in 9 zippers on Sunday. Bleh.

I’ve also been working on my New Hexagon Millefiore Rosette 3. The row I’m working on has some smaller pieces that take more time, so my progress has been slow. I have a few more hexagons to choose fabric for after this row. Working with yellow has been challenging. It surprises me how hard it is to find yellows that have the look I want. I’ve had to mix bright yellow, light yellow, and gold tones – not my favorite. Even though this isn’t turning out the way I imagined, in the big picture of the whole quilt it will be fine.

Rosette 3 progress

On to my assembly line. Sew forth!


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks?!

  1. Ha! I read your opening and realized I hadn’t written a post in about a month! I’ve been pretty busy as well. You still have a ball player at home! Our daughter was ours. She played first base (softball). Yes, I’m ready for spring, too! My garden is calling for me and I find myself thinking a lot about what to plant where.

    I read about Rachel’s baby and my heart just aches for them. I need to go to Jody’s site and get the specifics for her quilt. That is such a great idea!!! Hope it’s not too late to participate.

    Have a great week!!

  2. I too read the sad news about the baby. Heartbreaking.

    Your yellow Millefiori block is so pretty! I love yellow so I think this block is going to be one of my favs!

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